Friday, January 15, 2010


Australia has one of the most advanced and sophisticated health systems in the world which has encouraged the development of high quality products and services. Over the past decade, Australia’s health and medical industry has grown dramatically in size and reputation for its world leading technology, innovation, high professional skills, advanced research, development and robust health system.

The health and medical industry is represented by manufacturers, specialised in niche applications in the fields of cardiovascular, diagnostic, hearing, orthopaedic, respiratory devices, as well as health IT, health infrastructure, services and clinical trials

Excellent research facilities, world-class scientists and a strong but flexible regulatory regime have made Australia a powerhouse of biotechnology and pharmaceutical innovation. This competitiveness has helped Australia become home to a thriving network of 400 biotechnology companies.

Australian companies have for many years been selling a diverse range of medical products and services to Middle East markets. The breadth of services available includes health planning expertise, feasibility studies, facilities design, management systems, clinical services, training, for medical and other staff, and accreditation. Australia is a regular participant at Arab Health Exhibition and Congress and 47 companies will be exhibiting at Arab Health 2010 showcasing an impressive range of health and medical products and services. Australia is truly world class.

Exhibits include medical instruments and devices, homeopathic services, hyperbaric therapy, treatments for respiratory and sleep disorders, ambulance vehicles, retractable syringes, therapeutic products, hospital beds, hospital and laboratory accreditation, acute trauma management, imaging products, and medical sheepskins.

Come and see some of the best products and services for the healthcare sector at the Australian pavilion at Arab Health 2010 (25-28 January) in the newly opened Sheikh Saeed Hall at Dubai International Exhibition & Convention Centre

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